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Experiential Experiences

As we pilot the simulation, your team has the opportunity to validate its impact and relevance. This iterative process ensures that the final product aligns seamlessly with your training objectives, providing a powerful and immersive learning experience. Together, we create simulations that not only meet but exceed your expectations, setting the stage for lasting organizational success.

Breaking down big, bold behaviors into manageable steps. At Lumen, we believe in starting small. If you are trying to change the way your teams work, or how you want them to engage with clients differently, start with taking small steps. 

Our Consultants are passionate about learning and understanding the clients we work with to deliver the very highest impact. Equipped with years of experience, working with multiple industries, we design highly-customized experiences for leaders and team members to help achieve business outcomes.  



At Lumen, our strategic consultants conduct the research to DESIGN THE EXPERIENCE that will deliver the highest impact for your teams

Business Acumen

Unlock the Power of Business Insight: Elevate your organization's performance with our business acumen programs. We delve deep into the intricacies of your industry, equipping your teams with the knowledge and strategic understanding needed to make informed decisions. Navigate complexities with confidence, anddrive your business forward with a sharpened sense of acumen.

Inspire, Lead, Succeed: Our leadership programs are crafted to cultivate transformative leaders. We go beyond traditional leadership training, focusing on developing authentic, adaptable leaders who inspire others to greatness. Foster a culture of innovation and collaboration, propelling your organization toward its strategic goals under the guidance of empowered leadership.

Sales Transformation
Revolutionize Your Sales Approach: Experience a paradigm shift in sales effectiveness with our transformative sales programs. We redefine sales strategies, arming your teams with the skills and mindset required to excel in today's dynamic market. From prospecting to closing deals, our sales transformation initiatives empower your teams to drive revenue growth and surpass targets.


Step 1: Align on Audience and Desired Outcomes
Begin your journey to enhanced learning with a clear focus on your training objectives. In this initial step, we work closely with you to understand your unique needs, helping you select the right training focus and define a strategic approach. This sets the foundation for a simulation tailored to your organization's specific goals.
Step 2: Customized Simulation Development
Create simulations that go beyond the ordinary. Our customized development process employs cutting-edge AI technology, ensuring that your simulation is finely tuned to address your organizational challenges. Experience personalized learning experiences that resonate with your workforce and drive meaningful skill development.
Step 3: Learn, Refine, and Launch
Your input is integral to the success of our simulations. Engage with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and relevant stakeholders as we collaboratively refine and perfect the simulation. Through a comprehensive review process, we incorporate valuable feedback to enhance the effectiveness and realism of the training. The result is a meticulously crafted simulation ready for piloting.

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At LUMEN we combine consulting expertise and the latest technology to develop highly customized experiences for our clients. Using our unique skill set we help accelerate internal change, shift employee mindset, and build company-wide capabilities to ensure our clients deliver business results.

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​​LUMEN focus’ in developing key capabilities to help accelerate strategy