Breaking down big, bold behaviors into manageable steps. At Lumen, we believe in starting small. If you are trying to change the way your teams work, or how you want them to engage with clients differently, start with taking small steps. 

Our Consultants are passionate about learning and understanding the clients we work with to deliver the very highest impact. Equipped with years of experience, working with multiple industries, we design highly-customized experiences for leaders and team members to help achieve business outcomes.  



30-45 day

Less is MORE

Experiential Experiences

Our Consultants are passionate to learning about your teams, working with you to deliver the highest impact. Our consultants come with years of experience working across multiple industries, designing highly-custom experiences for Executives, Managers and Individual Contributors with the goal to deliver business results.

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Deconstruct natural winning behaviors into actions.

Sequence Actions to deliver highest Impact.


Outcomes you can expect

Break down complexity into action

Our Proven Process




& Impact

Daily Actions should be simple, actionable. 

delivered over 30 days add up to a large impact.

At Lumen we combine consulting expertise and the latest technology to develop highly customized microlearning experiences for our clients. Using our unique skill set we help accelerate internal change, shift employee mindset, and build company-wide capabilities to ensure our clients deliver business results.


We deconstruct big behaviors into daily actions that are highly impactful habits you want your teams to develop to be successful

After committing to 10 minutes a day, and performing a series of daily actions over 30 days, practicing new ways of working will help you create momentum to deliver immediate action and visible change.



At Lumen, our strategic consultants conduct the research to identify the daily actions that will deliver the highest impact for your teams